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Attitude is Everything! Change Your Attitude and You Change Your Life!
Category: eBooks
Author: Jeff Keller
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It was just after 1:00 pm and Sara was getting hungry. She had put in a few productive hours of work at her desk and decided to get a bite to eat at a nearby coffee shop. A few minutes later, Sam walked into the coffee shop. He, too, was on his lunch break. Sam sat down at a table a few feet away from Sara.

The same waitress served Sara and Sam that afternoon. Each customer waited about the same amount of time before the waitress took the order. Each of them received their meal around the same time. Each of them was served well-prepared, wholesome food. And each waited the same amount of time for the waitress to deliver the check. But that`s where the similarities ended. Sara had walked into the coffee shop with a smile, a spring in her step and a very positive outlook on the world. It was plain for everyone to see. Her body language and her posture reflected her optimism. Sara had a delightful lunch, exchanged some pleasant conversation with the waitress, and went back to work with a recharged battery.

Sam, on the other hand, had entered the coffee shop with a scowl on his face. He looked like he`d been sucking on sour pickles all morning. He was hunched over and tense. His body language cried out "Stay away from me!" He was annoyed when the waitress didn`t take his order immediately. He was annoyed at how long it took for his meal to arrive. He complained about the food, and was furious when he didn`t get his check right away.

Why did Sara and Sam have such different experiences in the coffee shop? Remember that each was treated in exactly the same way. It comes down to this: Sara sees the world with a positive attitude. Sam sees the world with a negative attitude.

A Definition Of Attitude

Think of your attitude as the mental filter through which you experience the world. Some people see the world through the filter of optimism (the glass being half full) while others see life through a filter of pessimism (the glass being half empty). Let me give you some examples to explain the difference between a positive attitude and a negative attitude.

The person with the negative attitude thinks "I CAN`T."
The person with the positive attitude thinks "I CAN."

"Attitudes are a secret power working 24 hours a day, for good or bad." - Unknown
  • The person with the negative attitude dwells on problems.
  • The person with the positive attitude concentrates on solutions.
  • The person with the negative attitude finds fault with others.
  • The person with the positive attitude looks for the good in others.
  • The person with the negative attitude focuses on what`s missing.
  • The person with the positive attitude counts his or her blessings.
  • The person with the negative attitude sees limitations.
  • The person with the positive attitude sees possibilities.
I could go on and on with examples, but I`m sure you get the idea. When I talk to audiences about attitude, I often like to use word pictures. They help people to understand and remember what I said. Let me paint this picture for you: Your attitude is your window to the world.

Everyone Starts With A Clean Mental Window.

Let`s take a few moments to discuss why I say that your attitude is your window to the world. We all start out in life with a good attitude - or, should I say, a clean mental window. Just watch young children. They`re always laughing and giggling. They have a sunny disposition. They love to explore new things.

Consider the attitude of a child who`s learning to walk. When he stumbles and falls down, what does he do? I`ll tell you what he doesn`t do. He doesn`t frown or blame the carpet. He doesn`t point fingers at his mother or father for giving him lousy instructions. He doesn`t quit. Oh, no. He smiles, gets up again and makes another attempt. And another. He keeps going for weeks and weeks with a positive attitude until he gets it right! His window is squeaky clean, and he feels like he can conquer the world. But as you know, there comes a point where life starts throwing some dirt at our windows. And here`s what happens: Our windows get splattered by criticism from parents and teachers.

"You can`t always control circumstances. But you can control your own thoughts." - Charles Popplestone

Our windows get smudged by ridicule from peers.
Our windows get smeared by rejection.
Our windows get soiled by disappointments.
Our windows get clouded by doubt.

The problem is, the dirt keeps building up, and all too many people do nothing about it. They continue to go through life with a filthy window. They lose their enthusiasm. They get frustrated and depressed. And most tragically, they give up on their dreams - all because they failed to clean their attitude window.

That`s the road I was traveling down. I had a dirty window when I was an attorney. And the longer I stayed in that field, the filthier my window got. I saw no possibilities. How could I?
My window was splattered with the mud of negativity...

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