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CPR for your network marketing business
Submitted by: Jason O`Toole
Related Topic:  Inspiration and Positive Thinking

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Perhaps your network marketing business isn’t coming together as you’d hoped; maybe you’ve hit a wall.  Maybe it’s early in the game, or maybe it’s late.  You understand that success only comes to those who want it badly enough, those who align their being and every facet of their lives with their core desires.  

Awesome!  But you could probably use more than the cosmic pep talk to kick start things, right?  And wouldn’t it be nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve for when the universe seems to conspire against you.  Even the greatest and most determined industry leaders are bound to hit plateaus from time to time, and they have techniques in place for dealing with them.

Wherever you’re at in this amazing adventure, it’s never too early or too late to apply a little CPR to your business - and life. 

CPR is a kick-starting exercise that stands for Context, Purpose, and Results. These things are written in reverse order. First you write the desired Results, then you write your purpose, then you create a Context.


Picture realizing your core desire, your ultimate goal.  Now write about it in the past tense, as if it has already happened, and be as specific and concrete as possible.  What would it look like, feel like, sound like, taste like.  Phrase the results as positive actions - "I did" instead of "I didn’t."

Instead of just saying "My Network Marketing check was $9,345 this month" or "I sponsored 5 new distributors this week", say how you did those things.

Example: "I overcame the setbacks, I kept a positive attitude and made every necessary effort to uncover and deal with my weak points in order to align my life with my purpose here.  I am the man/woman I always wanted to be: strong, self-reliant, of service to others, and best of all, in total control of my financial future.  I’ve made it.  That feeling of not knowing where the money is going to come from is GONE.  I wake up every morning nowadays and I can’t wait to see what’ll happen next."


"I`ve learned to harness the power of online marketing for my network marketing business - I no longer have to chase my friends and family to hear about my products or opportunity.  I`ve watched, listened and learned all the information from Prospex and I now have leads coming in on a daily basis and I enroll the people who are excited to work with me - I am the networker I`ve always wanted to be and my paycheck shows it!"


Based on the Results, you can summarize your Purpose, or core desire. Your Purpose may be a statement about how your efforts will be of service to yourself, your family, the planet, in other words your reason for being in network marketing that is bigger than just you personally. 


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About Jason O`Toole:

Jason O'Toole Is a 7 Figure income earner and has gone from 6 figues in debt to 6 figures a month in 14 months.  In 25 months Jason has built a team of over 80,000 members with over 300 thousand customers that generates over 25 Million a month in sales. Jason O'Toole has created over 330 six and seven figure earners in the past few years and is the #1 earner with his  current company.  Ranked amongst the top 100 networkers around the globe jason will continue to create millionaire after millionalire and continue to get better and better at what he does

Please visit Jason O`Toole's Trainer page for more free articles, tele-classes and training material


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