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Name: Homer Arnado

Phone: +639052271361

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About Homer Arnado


With my wonderful daughter, Akeelah Moselle "ellah"


First of all, I'd like to thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you'll find something in my articles that will help you succeed in your business or whatever niche you're into.

Anyhow, I'm Homer O. Arnado, an IT by Profession and currently working as an IT Staff for over 3 years now in CIT-University,a well-known engineering institution in the Philippines and in the Global Community for producing high-caliber professionals particularly in engineering field since it was founded.

During my childhood days, I live in southern part of Cebu, a town called Dalaguete where I spent my elementary days until I transferred in Cebu City to pursue my secondary education and eventually took my college degree of IT at CIT-University and graduated in 2006 as a working student.

I started my profession as a Software Developer in an Int'l Company from Australia with their jumpstart office here in Cebu City in year 2006. I worked for 6 months as a project-based programmer. After my 1st career, I moved to another Export Company and worked as a System Administrator for only 2 months and didn't stay long due to management concerns.

My career experience seems didn't work that way I expected to until I my current Job right now where I stayed for over 3 years as an IT staff but still looking for ways to improved my financial status.

I started my entrepreneurial journey when I got married at the age of 24 with the need of an extra-income to support my family including my parents since I'm the breadwinner among 5 siblings and second in the family.

My lovely wife, Michelle "mishel"
I told myself that even if I'm now a family man that I'll still kept my promise of giving my parents a life I dreamed of. This opens my entrepreneurial mindset to look for an extra-income and I started dealing Computer Items and post it on local forums.

Until in the 3rd quarter of 2009, I met a woman online who is a UP Diliman - Philosophy Graduate and showed to me a business opportunity which is called a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I was skeptical at first and was really close-minded that time because of the doubts and the negative feedbacks I've heard about this Industry.

However, I appreciate her since she's so sincere and builds a good relationship with me.So, I decided to review and research about her business and the company and with careful study I realized that this Industry is legal and ethical and it doesn't just focus on money but It's more into building relationship and personality development.

For about 8 months doing part-time the business. I've learned a lot and though I haven't really get much result or income. The experience was very beneficial on my part because it develops and improve my attitude and mindset. With this industry, I was open that we are destined to live a life of prosperity and God gave us individual traits and skills to use it and live life to the fullest and have financial and time freedom to enjoy more with our family and loved-ones.

With my deep belief of these industry, I've decided to shift my strategy to use the Internet to leverage and be more efficient in building my business and stop chasing prospects with the traditional approach of  building list of my friends and family who are not targeted and interested in my opporrtunity. I feel more empowered with getting new connections and mentorship from like-minded Professional Network Marketers and Top Producers from different countries like Ty TribbleKatie FreilingJonathan Budd, and Ann Sieg.I would also like to show my deep gratitude to Coach Sonny Lanoriasfor introducing me the new concept of lead generation system that not only generates qualified prospects to your business but the chance to earn multiple streams of income and help other entrepreneurs succeed in their business.

Right now, I'm on my journey in working towards my dreams to be successful in this Industry using an attraction marketing system that I'm going to share with you that will greatly help whatever MLM company you are having right now.

I'm looking forward and would greatly honored to be your mentor or partner. May my story and visions inspired you.

Have a great day and May each of us be a blessing to everyone!

To your Success,

Homer O. Arnado
IT Specialist
Internet Entrepreneur-Online Business Coach

Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Direct: +6390522713
Skype: drimaco



"Ability may take you to the top, but it takes character to stay there. - William Blake"

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